Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner

The Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practioner (CPRP) is a certification that is offered through PRA, a national psychiatric rehabilitation association.  If you have dedicated your career to providing exceptional psychiatric rehabilitation, now is the time to enhance your professional status with the CPRP certification. Join a distinguished group of more than 2,600 individuals who demonstrate how psychiatric rehabilitation positively changes the lives of individuals with serious mental illness to one of hope, self-determination, empowerment and recovery.  


The CPRP credential is a test-based certification that fosters the growth of a qualified, ethical, and culturally diverse psychiatric rehabilitation workforce through enforcement of a practitioner code of ethics. Currently there are CPRPs with PhDs to GEDs, occupational therapists to peer specialists, social workers to case workers--they all share a commitment to the fundamental principle that recovery from serious mental illness is possible. 


CPRPs incorporate the most successful and cost-effective practices for adults with severe and persistent mental illness and ensure that your staff has mastered the principles, skills and knowledge necessary to carry out those practices.


64% of CPRPs have been with their agency for more than 5 years. 89% of CPRPs find personal value in their certification. Distinguish yourself with the only nationally recognized professional credential for psychiatric rehabilitation professionals.


If  you would like to learn more about the CPRP, please visit www.uspra.org