Shafiq Award

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NJPRA recognizes the enduring contributions made by Mohammad Shafiq, a founding member and past president of NJPRA, to the New Jersey Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association and to persons with lived experience of psychiatric illness.

This award will pay tribute to Shafiq by honoring organizations and/or programs that exemplify the practice and provision of psychiatric rehabilitation services in New Jersey.

Anyone may make a nomination based on the following critera WHICH MUST BE COMPLETELY ANSWERED ON THE NOMINATION FORM BELOW:


  1. Commitment to using evidence based and best Psychiatric Rehabilitation practices.
  2. Innovation in or adaption of services that address current and/or emerging needs.
  3. Demonstration of culturally competent services.
  4. Partnerships that promote full integration of persons in recovery in the community.
  5. Infusion of person centered recovery principles (e.g.: hope, dignity, empowerment) in the organization/agency/program environment.
  6. Integration of persons in recovery in the development, delivery and evaluation of psychiatric rehabilitation services.


The Shafiq Award will be presented at this year's Organizational Breakfast on April 24, 2015. Information on registering for the event will be out soon. All nominees must be present to be considered for this award. Mark the date on your calendar!

Anyone may make the nomination based on the 6 criteria. Complete the form below and submit for consideration. Deadline for submission is March 6, 2015.

  • Please answer each section completely, including anecdotal information or specific outcomes. Describe actions taken that demonstrate the commitment to being the best-in-class in Psychiatric Rehabilitation.
  • For organization or agency nominations, please give evidence of agency-wide uniformity in meeting each of the criteria.  
  • You may also include pamphlet(s) of the agency/program, or a link to the website as part of the information being considered. If you are sending pamphlet in support of your nomination, please send to with the agency/program name in the subject line.